"Bottersnikes & Gumbles" DIRECTED BY Mighty nice & cHEEKY LITTLE

CREDIT: Episodic Art Director - Concept Art - Modelling - Look Development - Promotional posters

Early style frame I was fortunate enough to work on

promotional poster

“Grub Grabber” - Vehicle design for one of the episodes

“Gubbos spangler” - Another Vehicle design for one of the episodes

Each individual branch was scanned from a real gumtree. I then re-created the branches in 3D, sculpted, arranged and manipulated them into the final shape of the tree.

Gubbo Run Cycle - Surfacing, Textures, Lighting, Rendering and Comp done by myself, animation by Lawrence Wong.

The stages I went through to re-create a practical asset into a CG asset

Making of Snike Hill's surrounding cliffs

This set was made in three separate practical models. Each section was 3D scanned and replicated as an animation ready asset. Practical models made by Scott Tansley and Claire Tennant

work in Progress of building the mine interior